Our Beauty Clinic provides several types of treatments to enhance and revitalize your body. From facials to botox and from brow treatments to laser hair removal; our specialists are here to let you shine!

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Botox and Fillers are an excellent addition to looking naturally beautiful. Our Aesthetic Docter Carla is Blue Maxx's specialist when it comes to professional and safe application of botox and fillers.

Complimentary Intake

0,- fl

Botox (1 zone)

300 fl

Botox (2 zones)

550 fl

Botox (3 zones)

750 fl


750 fl per syringe


Blue Maxx Health Club offers a range of facial treatments based on the amazing range of products from GM Collins. We are proud to be the authorized reseller for Curacao and can't wait to show you what GM Collin can do for your skin! 

Complimentary Intake

0,- fl


150 fl


150 fl

Anti Aging Eye Treatment

125 fl


At Blue Maxx we offer both non-surgical hair loss treatments and hair removal treatments, both with help of state of the art laser machines.

Complimentary Intake

0,- fl

Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Custom Pricing

Laser Hair Removal: Half Leg

400 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Full Leg

700 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Bikini Line

175 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Full Bikini

350 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Back

400 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Butt

250 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Armpits

150 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Half Arms

300 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Full Arms

500 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Upper Lip

50 fl

Laser Hair Removal: Full Face

300 fl

Dr Carla Messina