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Would you like to quickly feel more energetic and resilient again? Then be sure to read on!

Have you ever heard of energy management? This is the first step to a more energetic life! In your life, there are always things that give you energy and things that take energy away from you.

Energizers and energy consumers

Energizers are things that may require a lot of physical energy, but provide a mental energy boost. Some examples can be; reading a book, playing sports, playing with your children,....

In addition, we have our energy consumers. Our energy takers are often the things we "have to do" that require a lot of mental energy from us. These things exhaust us mentally after a while. Obviously, these things vary individually. One person enjoys a day of hard work in the garden, while for someone else this just feels like a tough job that they look up to.

So what is energy management?

In energy management, we ensure that there is always a balance between energy givers and energy takers in our daily lives. As a result, our body and mental well-being is balanced.

So how do you get started on this?

Make a list for yourself of things that give you mental energy and things that take energy. Then make a daily or weekly agenda. In this diary, first put the energy takers. Then you supplement your diary with energy givers. It is very important that there is a balance in your agenda between these two pillars where you feel okay with yourself. Of course, there doesn't have to be an exact balance. Some people need more energizers than others. If you don't know how to gauge this for yourself, start by scheduling more energizers. At the end of the week you can evaluate how you felt the week went. With these new insights, you can then plan for the following week. On to a more energetic life!

Extra tips

  • If you don't know this well about yourself which things give you energy and which things take energy, download the app Daylio. With this app you enter what you have done in a day and how your emotions are during the day. This will give you insight after a few weeks into which things give you energy and which take less.

  • Use a different color for the energizers and the energizers. This will help you maintain balance in your schedule more quickly by giving you a better overview.



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