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Did you know that Blue Maxx offers several services for your business? Pamper your coworkers with a business membership or advertise on our television screens to activate your brand!



Join mayor companies like TUI and Van Den Tweel and arrange Business Memberships for your co-workers! It's not only interesting as a tax-deductable expense; your co-workers will greatly appreciate a gym membership at Blue Maxx Health Club arranged by their employer! Below all details:

Throughout our facility we strategically placed 9 television screens, with the possibility for you to promote your brand! Join our friends at Curacao Activities with a video advertisement to reach our 400 daily visitors like gym members, Kontiki guests, day visitors, massage clients and clients of our beauty clinic! Below an impression of our screens and all important details:

  • Your video will be shown around 7 times per hour, with our extensive opening hours that means more than 2700 impressions per month.

  • Our flat rate for advertising is 99 NAF per month per video of 15 seconds with a minimum of 3 consecutive months. If you prepay for 1 year we'll give you 1 month discount!

  • Click here for file specifications

  • Feel free to share your details and a file to and we'll set you up!

  • Business Memberships are available for groups of minimum 6 employees

  • Per employee a flat rate of 1000 NAF per year is applicable. That is 44% cheaper than your employee paying a regular membership every month!

  • All memberships will be invoiced to the company in once

  • Business Memberships include unlimited use of the gym, sauna and group classes, just like our regular memberships.

  • Interested? Please contact us via in case of any further questions.

  • Signing up is easy: please supply the full name, email address, phone number and start date of every employee.

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