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Below you'll see the start dates for our HATHA YOGA program. This Hatha Yoga course is a 1-week course.


Hatha Raja Yoga – (the Royal Path or the Path of Meditation) Raja Yoga is one of the oldest systems of yoga referenced by many ancient spiritual texts. It is thought of as the ultimate goal of yoga practice as it leads to samadhi, or the ultimate state of consciousness. Raja Yoga emphasizes the practice of meditation for spiritual growth and self-realization.

It is called Royal Yoga because it speaks to having direct control or mastery over our mind to experience a transcendental state or Oneness. Raja Yoga has been compiled and unified by Rishi Patanjali in his famous text, “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” where he outlines Ashtanga Yoga- the eightfold path.
Rishi Patanjali describes in detail about the eightfold path or eight limbs as:

1) Yama – Self-restraint or Social code of conduct
2) Niyama – Self-Observance or Personal Discipline
3) Asana – Postures (steady, comfortable state)
4) Pranayama – Breathing -Practices, Control of Prana
5) Pratyahara – Inward journey of Senses or withdrawal of Senses
6) Dharana – Concentration
7) Dhyana – Meditation
8) Samadhi- Super-Conscious State or Transcendental State

19 jun. 2023

6 nov. 2023



  • A digital or hardcopy version of the book "Yoga sutras of patanjali" with ISBN ISBN 9788192885599

  • Stay and Meals

  • Uniform

  • Manuals

  • Bhavagita

  • Anatomical Coloring Book

  • Anatomical bible

  • Welcome bag


  • 1 month before start of the course, the payment in full needs to be done by creditcard or bank transfer. When booking earlier, a deposit of 30% needs to be paid in order to assure your spot.

  • All payments are non-refundable. We recommend taking a cancelation insurance.

  • *Local rates only apply to Curacao-based students with a Sedula.


Are you ready to apply? Click the link below to start your application!

International Student Rate: 

800 USD

Local Student Rate*: 

650 USD

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