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Blue Maxx Health Club offers the best permanent make-up (PMU) service on Curaçao! From brows to eyeliner and from lips to PMU removal; Blue Maxx's Beauty Clinic is your go-to place for beauty services!

Would you like to talk to our specialist about potentially booking permanent make-up treatments at Blue Maxx? Our specialist Simone can tell you all about it during an intake. Use the button below to book an intake appointment!

Please feel free to check availability and make an appointment by clicking on the service you like to book;

Eyeliner: Basic Lower Eyelid

250 fl

Eyeliner: Basic Upper & Lower Eyelid (Combo)

550 fl

Eyeliner: Basic Upper Eyelid

400 fl

Eyeliner: Graphic Upper Eyelid

500 fl

Eyeliner: Infralash Lower Eyelid

200 fl

Eyeliner: Infralash Upper & Lower Eyelid

425 fl

Eyeliner: Infralash Upper Eyelid

300 fl

Hairstroke Brows

600 fl

Hairstrokes & Powderbrows (combi)

600 fl


600 fl

Remove PMU

250 fl

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